Autocross Information

Important Autocross Information, Please ReadThe Rocky Mountain Chapter BMW Car Club of America holds several autocross events a year, including a school. The autocrosses, autocross schools, and the Car Control Clinic are open to all BMW CCA members over the age of 16 with a valid driver’s license. A learner’s permit is NOT a valid driver’s license.

To become a member, see the BMW CCA National Website to sign up.

Please note the helmet rule change effective January 1, 2017 in the “Helmets” section below.

Event Schedule
The event schedule is the same for all Summer Series Autocross events:

7:00am: Gates open, check-in open
8:45am: All-hands drivers meeting
9:00am: First car off, morning heat 1
12:00noon: Break for Lunch
12:45pm: First car off, afternoon heat 1
3:00pm: Awards

Times are subject to change based on event flow.

Go to register for the event. You must create an account on this site in order to register. Payments will not be processed until the Friday prior to the event. Registrants whose payments are declined may be barred from attending the event.

Prepare to Autocross!
The Rocky Mountain Chapter has scheduled 7 autocross events for this year.

Participation is open to everyone, no matter what your ability is or what car preparation you have. Our focus is improving performance-driving skills, with some friendly competition added in. This year, you will need to participate in 4 out of the 7 Summer series events to be eligible for a year-end award in your class.

A note to previous participants: You will need to re-class your vehicle, as a few system changes have been made since last year. Go to the autocross website to class your car. Please send any questions to

Series Events
Series events are events that you may earn trophies for each event, in each class, for that day, in addition to qualifying for year-end trophies. You will get both runs in the morning as well as the afternoon. The morning runs will allow you to get familiar with the course and to practice performance-driving and autocross skills.

After morning runs, we will break for lunch. In the afternoon, we will have the competition runs for event-day trophies. Your best afternoon run, will place you in your class for the event, as well as give you points which will rank you on a seasonal basis. Keep in mind, 4 out of 7 events are needed to qualify you for the year-end season awards.

Autocross School and Car Control Clinic
The autocross program will be running an autocross school the day before our first event. The goal of the school is to teach students the fundamentals of performance driving and how to manage adverse situations one may encounter either on an autocross course or on the street.

The school is divided into morning and afternoon tracks. The morning session will be for those attending the Car Control Clinic and the Beginner Autocross School. This will start with a 30-45 minute class room session to go over the fundamentals of autocross as well as rules and safety guidelines. After the classroom session is complete, you will be divided into several groups to take runs on several features that we will have set up. These features will consist of several slaloms, a skid pad, figure 8, and a triangle. After all the students have gone through all the features, we’ll break for lunch.

The afternoon session will consist of an Intermediate Autocross School and Advanced Autocross school. All sessions do include lunch being served at 11:30-12:00. We offer bundles if you wish to attend the school all day; one can sign up for both the beginner and intermediate sessions. The intermediate session is also open to Car Control Clinic folks as well.

As of January 1, 2017, helmets must be Snell 2010 or newer. Snell 2005 and older helmets are no longer allowed. Both full-faced or open-faced Motorcycle (M) or Special Application (SA) helmets are permitted. However, convertible or “flip-up” style helmets are not. SFI 31.1 and FIA 8860 certified helmets are also acceptable.

The club also has a few loaners available for daily rental for $10/day. If you plan to buy a helmet, we recommend that you read Bell’s helmet sizing guide.

Although autocrossing is a safe sport, it is a timed event. As such most insurance policies will not cover your vehicle or harm that could result from participating. We recommend that you check with your insurance carrier to get more information.

Prepare yourself for these events

  1. Plan to show up early, check in at the REGISTRATION DESK upon arriving, and get your grid assignment. There will either be a tent setup for administrative functions or you may visit the club trailer. Please do not go to the trailer to ask questions if the tent is already setup. The trailer personnel are usually very busy getting setup and planning a safe day.
  2. Make sure your vehicle is cleaned out, moved into your grid position with numbers installed, and ready for tech inspection prior to any course walks.
  3. All loose items must be removed from inside the vehicle and trunk. Only the driver side floor mat needs to be removed (even if attached to carpet). All other floormats can remain in the car.
  4. Get your car to grid as soon as possible. Tech inspection is done in grid. Leave your hood and trunk open as a visual indicator that your vehicle is ready to be inspected. Once completed, tech members will close it and place a sticker on your windshield if it has passed. Otherwise, a note will be left on your windshield to follow-up with the Chief of Tech.
  5. Participants are responsible for their own belongings. If you bring valuables, please have someone watch them, while you work or run. RMC BMW CCA is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  6. Bring lunch or cash to purchase lunch at select events where a vendor will be present. Food vendor presence will be noted on the Motorsports Reg page.
  7. Spectators are allowed and welcomed but cannot be in the “hot” areas such as the course.
  8. Spectators are of the responsibility of the member they are visiting. Any issue(s) with spectators not following the rules, especially on the property of the event sites, will result in action against the member. Members, please let all visitor/spectators know of the rules that we must all follow at an event.
  9. Every registered driver will have a work assignment if they are not driving.
  10. Bring water! Even if it is not hot out, you will dehydrate quickly. Some water maybe provided, but do not rely on it.
  11. No racing, fast driving, or showing off in the pit, staging, or grid areas. Save your fast skills for the course. Anyone found burning out or driving fast in the pits or grid area will be asked to leave the event without refund. There are no exceptions! Safety is our primary goal at any RMC BMW CCA event. This also includes any roads off of the highway. In the past we have had issues with members getting ticketed on Front Range Airport Property, which could lead to loss of venue. Drive the speed limit and drive normal. Any driving, horsing around, or anything but what is required by law, will result in banning from all BMW events. No exceptions.

Autocross events are open to all BMW CCA members. Beginners, convertibles and roadsters are welcome. BMW X5, X3, X6 and Porsche Cayennes may participate, but only on street tires. Other trucks, SUVs and high center of gravity vehicles are not permitted. Event registration will open on the latter of four weeks prior to the event or immediately after the preceding event.

No walk-up registrations will be allowed. Registration will close at precisely 6:00 PM the Wednesday prior to the event, or earlier if the event cap of 85 participants is reached. If registration is closed due to hitting our event cap, please send email to the event chair to be placed on the “wait list”. Wait list participants will be notified via email no later than Friday afternoon before the event if they are accepted. If you have questions, send them to and a member of the autocross committee will reply.

Car Number and Class Letter StandardsIt is required that your car numbers are at least 8 inches high, and of a standard legible font. Class letters need to be at least 4 inches high, of the same font as the car numbers. The club prefers the numbers and letters to be white or black, but not mandatory. What is mandatory is that the color of car must be of opposite contrast to the number/letter color. For example: A yellow car with black numbers is good. A yellow car with white numbers, not good. This rule applies to both magnetic and vinyl (semi-permanent) numbers and letters.

Rule of thumb is that you should be able to make out the car numbers and class letters from at least 75 feet away from the car (about 40 paces). This is about the distance the course workers will be from your vehicle while it is on course.

There are paper class numbers and letters at registration check in, if you do not have numbers or letters. Please tape the numbers and letters in the designated areas of your vehicle during Autocross events.

If you are attending more than one event per year, it is recommended that drivers obtain magnetic numbers and class letters, to help keep the cost of printing down for the club. You can go to any sign shop or graphics shop to get this made up. Typically, It will run about $50 for both sides of numbers and class letters. It is also recommended you purchase a pair of “1”s as well, in case you ever have a co-driver.

Car Number and Class Letter Placement GuidelinesCAR NUMBERS AND CLASS LETTERS MUST BE DISPLAYED ON BOTH SIDES OF THE VEHICLE. The class numbers should come first before the class letters. Below is a depiction of both the door location and rear quarter window location for number and class letter placements.

Display Location: Door

Display Location: Door

Display Location: Rear Quarter Window

Display Location: Rear Quarter Window