Driving School Guide

The priorities of the Driving School program are safety, education, and fun – in that order. Fun is guaranteed.
RMC High Performance Driving School


  • All drivers must wear Snell 2010 or 2015 helmets. Snell 2005 and older helmets are no longer allowed as of January 1, 2017.
  • Students must be 18 years of age or older with a valid driver’s license – no exceptions.
    Convertibles, cars with removable hardtops, trucks, pickups, vans and most SUVs are not permitted at the Driving School. Permitted SUVs are the BMW X6, X5, X4, X3 and X1, and Porsche Cayenne and Macan. Lotus, Caterham, and Corvette cars with a rollbar or fixed structure behind the driver’s and passenger’s head are also permitted – any removable roof panels must be in place while on track. If you have a question about whether your car is allowed, please contact Eugene Yen.

How to Get to the Tracks

High Plains Raceway

From Denver, drive east on I-70. Take the Byers exit (#316) to US 36. Drive east on US 36 for 17 miles. The track is clearly visible on the left (north) side of US 36. For more information on High Plains Raceway, see their web page.

Pueblo Motorsports Park

From I-25, take Exit 101 in Pueblo to US 50. Go west on US 50 for 4.7 miles and turn left on CO-45S (N. Pueblo Blvd). Take the first right onto PMI Access Rd.

Student Classing and Run Groups

Students are assigned to one of four run groups (A, B, C or D) commensurate with their skill level and experience. D is where a new student would begin, and A is the most advanced run group. The groupings are relative and are dependent on the skill mix of students who have enrolled in a given school. Therefore, a student may be assigned to one group higher or lower than what they were assigned in a previous school. Look for your run group when you get your schedule to see when and where you need to be during the day.


Each student is paired with an instructor for the day. Helmet intercoms are used between the student and instructor to facilitate communication.
Driving School Instructors


An event like this takes a lot of volunteer effort to put on. If you, a member of your family, or a friend would be interested in volunteering, please register online at Motorsportreg.com. We need pit & grid, runners, gate workers and more. Driving school students are particularly encouraged to volunteer on a day they are not in school. It provides a very different perspective and really completes the experience.

Volunteers do not need to be BMW CCA members.

Car Control Clinic (CCC)

First-time students are encouraged to take the Car Control Clinic where they will learn basic performance driving skills and explore the limits of their car in a safe environment. The Car Control Clinic is held in conjunction with the Autocross School at Pikes Peak International Raceway. This event is on the calendar at http://rmcbmwcca.org/events/, and details can be found on MotorsportReg.

Mandatory Vehicle Inspection

A technical inspection is required of all cars, and must be completed prior to the school. Tech inspection forms must be downloaded from the forms page. The tech inspection may be performed at any of the stations shown on this page. Some of these businesses offer free tech inspections while others charge a fee.

We encourage you to have your car inspected at least a couple of weeks before the school. This will give you time to address any issues that might be uncovered.
Driving School Vehicles


All drivers must wear Snell 2010 or 2015 helmets. Snell 2005 and older helmets are no longer allowed as of January 1, 2017.

Both Snell motorcycle (M) and auto racing (SA) certifications are acceptable.

Helmet will need to have a required tech inspection sticker. Look on website for chapter events before driving school to get your helmet teched early.

We have a limited number of helmets available for rent at the school for $10, but we cannot guarantee their availability.


Students are not allowed to take passengers on the track at any time — absolutely no exceptions. During instructor driving sessions, instructors may take passengers who have signed the waiver, wear an approved helmet, and are at least 18 years of age.

Medical Information

The paper medical form has been replaced with an electronic form on MotorsportReg. You will be prompted to fill out this form when you register for the school. This information is shared only with the ambulance and the officials in the control tower.

Separately from this medical information, you are required to inform us of any condition that might impair your ability to perform the tasks expected of a student in this school, impede your ability to communicate with your instructor, or that would impair your ability to exit the vehicle in case of an incident. If you are pregnant, we require the approval of your physician and that your spouse also sign a waiver.


Camping is free in the paddock. RV electrical hookups and carports can be rented through the track directly.


We hold the Driving School no matter what the weather.


Cancellations are done by emailing the registrar. Cancellations received on or before the cutoff date shown on MotorsportReg will be charged $25.00 per driver per day. There are no refunds after the cutoff date. For cancellations due to extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances, the Driving School Committee, at their discretion, may issue partial credit to be applied at a driving school within a twelve month period subsequent to the cancellation.

Wait List

If you are on the wait list, please prepare your car and have it tech inspected. We are often able to admit wait-listed registrants in the last days leading up to the school.

Payment Processing

A reserve may be placed on your credit card when you register, but your card will not be charged until registration closes.

Liability and Waivers

All individuals entering the track property must sign the Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement. Please read it carefully and understand what you are signing. We also recommend that you show and discuss the waiver with your spouse. A parent or guardian must sign a minor waiver for all minors entering the track property; this form may be signed in advance if notarized.

STUDENTS ASSUME ALL RISK OF DAMAGE TO PERSONS AND PROPERTY DURING THE EVENT. This includes times when instructors are driving your car. Your auto insurance policy most likely does not provide any coverage for this event.

While we have had only two minor damage incidents many years ago, and no injuries in the last two decades, this is a high-speed event with inherent risks. Since you are assuming the risk, you should be satisfied with the manner in which your instructor drives your car. If you still have concerns after discussing any apprehensions you may have with your instructor, you are encouraged to contact the Chief Instructor or any event staff member to address the issue.

On-Track Insurance

The BMW Car Club of America has partnered with Lockton Risk Services to provide a high-performance driving event insurance program, delivering affordable insurance to the many BMW CCA enthusiasts involved in performance driving events. More info can be found at Lockton’s website.

How to Prepare – Step by Step

  1. Read the Driving School Manual and Waiver
  2. Register for the school
  3. Have a technical inspection performed on your car.
  4. Bring the following items to the track:
    Completed Tech Inspection Form
    Full tank of gas
    Plenty of water
    Clothing appropriate for rain and wind
    Folding chair
    Money for lunch
  5. Arrive at the track no later than 6:30am
  6. Sign the waiver at the track gate
  7. Find a parking space in the paddock and empty ALL items out of your car. This includes the glove compartment, storage bins, and trunk. Everything that is not firmly attached must be removed, including floor mats and radar detectors.
  8. Go to the registration desk with your completed tech inspection form and helmet. The folks there will give you your registration packet and inspect your helmet.
  9. Attend the mandatory driver’s meeting at 7:45am
  10. Have fun!

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