2014 Autocross #5 Results!

Fast fun at Front Range.


This years autocross series has been full of challenging events, and the 5th event did not disappoint!  



Right from the start, the course introduced a sharp offset that challenged drivers with heavy ‘go’ pedals, but rewarded patient applications of throttle.  This led into a 180° turn that felt very very similar to turn #6 at HPR.



Another 180˚ quickly followed the previous, but this one was a bit tricky.  Keep it tight and tidy?  Diamond it off for faster corner exit?  come in fast and decrease the radius?  This corner was the talk of the paddock with many drivers trying different lines throughout the day.



A good exit from the U-turn was critical as it lead into a run of offsets that could be taken flat out, unless you drove a crazy fast car *cough*Skyline*cough*Noble*cough*



A quick jab on the brakes to set up for a fast left hander that could be a bit bumpy and slippery if taken on a wide arcing line.  Many people found out the adhesion limits of their tires here…






The exit of the slip n’slide was a quick right-left kink that demanded proper placement in order to set up for the next feature… a slight angle into a fast slalom.  Too fast through the kink could push you out onto the wrong side of the slalom



Tucking in tight to this cone was key to making the slalom smooth.



This slalom was fast with a great flow.


And remember, stay as close to the cones as possible!

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 6.06.45 PM

But not too close!



To finish the run, course designer Chris Mayfield threw in a bus stop immediately before the timing lights to guarantee every participant had an execrating time slowing the car after crossing the finish line.


To put it all together, here is a great video of BDS class winner Justin Metz and BDS veteran Tad Kamenzki sharing Justin’s car for a few runs.

Event #6 is fast approaching, so don’t wait, register today!  To sign up, visit motorsportreg.com !