Auld Lang Syne to 2018 – Here We Come 2019!

This familiar tune begins by posing the question, “Is it right that old times be forgotten?” The answer is often interpreted as a call to remember ongoing friendships and the time that shape those connections. As we get ready to embark into another year, let’s take a quick look back on our RMC year.

With organizations everywhere trying to figure out declining numbers, RMC held steady with 45 new members through October 31 with 25 different members making referrals. Total membership is 1840 with two months to go.

Busy year:
Thirty-eight events planned or co-sponsored by the chapter, 30+ meetings or conference calls with 115+ volunteers participating. Many, like our Driving School committee, planned multi-day events while our Autocross committee oversaw ten separate, full day events.

Support made our events possible:
3zero3 Motorsports, Adams Polishes, Amicas Pizza, Microbrews & More, Aurora Schools Federal Credit Union, Auto Archives, Blackbelly Market, BMW Downtown Denver, BMW Foundation, Co’s BMW Center in Loveland, Finish Line Car Wash & Detail, Finkel and Garf Brewing Co., Hagerty Insurance, Halfpenny Brewery, Mini of Loveland, SCR Performance, Shell Oil, State Farm Insurance, Tire Rack, and Tony’s Market. These community partners provided space, product, or financial support this past year. Thank you!

Money well spent:
Purchases of radios, laptops, and the infamous orange cones were made to maintain what is needed to run events. Technology innovation, such as the cell phone app to access Autocross results, has led the way to offset climbing costs of running the chapter.

It takes special people:
Welcome Matt Johnson as the newly elected Chapter Treasurer. He officially begins his tenure in January but jumped right in to impact meetings and events. Karen Lange will begin her 2nd tour of duty as the Chapter Secretary. And a special thank you to Michael Feldpusch who has served as our appointed Treasurer. He won’t have to sign checks, but will continue as an integral member of the Autocross team and as the National Autocross Chairman.

So many over the year but highlights include Jim Pope, winner of an M2 Competition in the annual CCA raffle; David Jobusch, the 2018 Autocross Driver of the Year; 18 RMC members participating in the SCCA Nationals with both Bob and Patty Tunnell placing 1st their class; and a car project lead by Cory Rowan, finishing 3rd in the SEMA Young Guns competition. Steve Hamilton completed his training and is now an official Time Trial Tech Steward.

What’s up for 2019?
January’s Ice Gymkhana and Winter Celebration will kick off an expanded event schedule for 2019 thanks to a few newly minted volunteers. Our newsletter, The Motorsport Report is going green – electronic delivery is on the way. Look to support member-driven sustainability requests to use less paper and disposable water bottles at events. The Bimmer Bucks incentive program, a long time autocross staple, is expanding to all RMC events. And 2019 hails a major milestone in the history of BMW CCA as the club celebrates its 50th year as an organization – gotta have a party!

As we get excited about the ‘sweater weather’ and holidays, one can’t help but embrace the sense of change that comes with each new year. RMC will be embracing a big change as Andrew Jordan leaves his position as the Driving School Chairman. For the past 10+ years, Andrew has led the oversight of the chapter’s driving schools at Second Creek, HPR and Pueblo. His passionate work and diligence has impacted so many current and past members. Andrew’s time with us will continue as he enjoys the fruits of experience which we hope he will embrace wholeheartedly, just as he did with the driving schools. Thank you Andrew for all you have done – you will be missed.

Janet Kiyota, President

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