As the seasons change, so has the role of President for our Chapter. Reflecting on the progress and achievements we’ve had over the past few years, we on the Board wanted to take a moment to recognize and thank Janet Kiyota for her services to the Club.

For the past two years, Janet Kiyota has worked tirelessly to fulfill the position of Club President and has time and time again, gone above and beyond to carry it out for the benefit of our Board and Club members. She has provided leadership to us that has not only improved what we do, but how we do them.

Her vision and attention to finding opportunities to integrate needs from National, ways to say ‘thank you’ to volunteers, and how she engages everyone she meets to make them feel welcomed are all things that embody what a leader should be doing, and she did them effortlessly.

The passion, care, and heart she brought to the Club will be impossible to replace.

Janet’s dedication to our membership, desire to improve all aspects of the Club’s operations, and her approach to volunteering her personal time is second to none. She has always been respectful of everyone’s personal time, their perspectives, and always sought to help others by often taking on far more than her share of work, all while doing it with a smile.

If you asked her about any of this, she would say she’s surrounded herself with people who have helped her tremendously along the way. That’s just the kind of person she is.

It is our hope that we will continue in the positive direction using the momentum we’ve all created together as a Board and team in this next year. It is also our intention to continue bringing balance to the decisions we make as a team for the betterment of our members, and that every Board members’ voice and those of our membership will continue to be heard, respected, and solicited as we move forward.

Thank you Janet for everything you’ve done for us and will undoubtedly continue to do behind the scenes. You are a true blessing and we will miss partnering with you and miss the leadership and friendship you’ve brought to our Board and Club.

Now go take some time off. You deserve it!

With much respect,

Your Rocky Mountain Chapter BMW Board Members

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