Back in 2006 I saw the club getting off track. We were opting out of involvement with High Plains Raceway. I, and a few others, stood up and took up the challenge. It cost me a few personal friendships, but, eventually the club participated in the new race track. In the years since then, the club has enjoyed preferred track rental rates and assigned track dates. But it almost did not happen. Today, I once again see the club on the wrong path, so I have decided to run for president of the club.

We urgently need to repair our relationships with alienated BMW dealerships, with alienated club volunteers, and with club members. The club has become very corporate. Risk and liability have become the determining decision factors when evaluating events. Our club mission is to drive, enjoy and promote our BMWs. We need to do that, just like we used to in earlier years. In 2017 the club lost $12K. In 2018 we lost $15K. And 2019 the projected operating loss is looking even worse. (Operating loss is the net figure before the sale of capital items, like our club van). A few short years ago, we had $115K in a CD in the bank. At the end of 2018 the balance was $87K, and it has most likely gone down from there.

What are we going to do when we have spent all our hard earned reserves? Fold? The club needs someone to turn this around. That would be me. I have continuously owned my own business in Colorado since 1985. I have successfully weathered numerous economic down turns. Eliminating wasteful club spending will probably offend a few people, but the club must come first. And,’if it ain’t broke’, like AutoX, then don’t fix it.

I am a long time club member. Over the years I have written many promotional articles in our club newsletters and also 47 Believe My Words articles. Many members have personally expressed their pleasure in reading these articles. I have been an instructor, Chief of Safety, Chairman of Driving Schools, Board member, and a BMW club racer for a couple of decades. I seize any opportunity to promote our great club. And the club has rewarded me with life time friendships that make it all worthwhile.
Thank you.

And please support Michael Cotsworth for Vice President. Michael has exceptional managerial experience and has been on the board of other car clubs and organizations. He is a true BMW enthusiast, and has lots of track experience.

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