Are You Ready To Step Up To Time Trails?

Taking the jump from BMW CCA driving schools to full racing or time trials in a big organization can be intimidating. You’ll have to learn your way around traffic, be prepared for open passing, and keeping your cool in a competitive environment. These are all skills not readily available in a BMW CCA driving school.

Timing and scoring at a driving school are specifically prohibited, so time trials fills the gap. Participating in our chapter’s time trial program, sanctioned by BMW CCA Club Racing, can ease the transition into a competitive environment. We’ve come up with a model that incorperates educational sessions with competitive wheel to wheel time on the track.

A time trial is a competitive step up from driving school events, instructing, and AutoX, but falls short of all-out club racing. The same tech preparation, for the same car that you bring to the driving school is acceptable. Usually, there are 4 sessions per day. Time trials run under BMW Club Racing umbrella. So if you are interested to see how well you fair on the track compared to your fellow members while driving solo, then consider this group. The format of the event is a single fastest lap in a session. Your best lap time determines your grid position at the next session. The better you do, the closer you are to pole position.

Safety, learning and fun are our priorities — in that order. We look forward to seeing you there.

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To sign up for our May 25,26th event, go here… TBD

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