Are you ready for the next step in High Performance BMW Driving?

Experience the BimmerWorld BMW CCA Club Racing School

If you are interested in accelerating your BMW driving experience, BimmerWorld BMW CCA Club Racing School is the event is for you. The Club Racing School will be held in conjunction with the Fall Drivers School at High Plains Raceway September 4th and 5th and is open to advanced BMW CCA HPDE students and instructors, as well as participants with equivalent driving experience from other recognized organizations.

Unlike the large variety of professional race schools, the BimmerWorld BMW CCA Club Racing School offers the opportunity to drive your own car. Any car suitable for use in a BMW CCA HPDE event can be used. Participants do not need a race prepared car, and all manufacturers/models of cars are welcome. Note that helmets must be either Snell SA2010 (through 2021 only) or newer (Snell SA2015, SA2020). Accordingly, this Racing School experience is less expensive and more relevant to your actual driving situation.

The BimmerWorld BMW CCA Racing School is a safe, fun, and intense driving experience. The learning is accelerated, the driving is fast, and the experience is unforgettable!

The BimmerWorld BMW CCA Club Racing School weekend consists of eight classroom sessions and eight track sessions. The classroom curriculum covers the fundamentals of closed circuit, door-to-door performance driving, competitive passing techniques, driver/race car preparation, and knowledge of BMW CCA Club racing rules.

On the track you’ll experience corner passing, driving three-wide at speed, green-flag practice starts, and a full simulated race exercise all under the watchful eye of the BimmerWorld and BMW CCA Club Racing Instructors and on-track coaches. After each on-track session, the coaches and students review what transpired on the track.

Sharing learnings, making observations, and reviewing mistakes as a group allows for different perspectives and enhances the learning environment. A considerable amount of effort is aimed at the mental aspects of racing and not just the mechanics of moving the car around the pavement.

Successful completion of the school may allow you to apply for a provisional (rookie) BMW CCA Club Race license if that is of interest to you. Currently, the Club does not have an active Club Racing series locally.

Registration for the Club Racing School will open on when the Fall Driving School registration opens. We do need a minimum number of entries to fill a designated run group within the School’s weekend schedule, so if the Club Racing School appeals to you and you are ready to step up your driving skills, please register promptly.

In addition to your registration, you must submit a detailed resume of your driving experience. The Chief Instructor will review your resume and approve your registration/attendance via

Your driving resume must detail:

• Your current driver proficiency level

• The make, model, year, and modifications to your car

• Driving/racing organizations and tracks with which you have experience

• The total number of track days you have run over how many years

• The type of events (driving schools, club days, open lapping, race schools, time trials, etc.) that you have run

• If you have been signed off to drive solo, how long ago and how many track days you have driven solo

• The name and email address for two references (HPDE Chief Instructor, driving instructor/coach or licensed racer) Please direct your questions

Please direct your questions and inquiries to the Mike Cotsworth, Rocky Mountain Chapter BMW CCA Time Trails & Club Racing Chairman, 303-995-0727. There is also additional information on the Club website under “Club Racing”.

Special thanks for James Clay and the BimmerWorld team for their 10+ years of active sponsorship of the BimmerWorld BMW CCA Club Racing School!

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