Calling All Volunteers

It’s only 3 1/2 weeks until we have some fun at Pueblo Motorsports Park on Sept 12th and 13th, so it’s time to ramp up my search for volunteers! Only two have volunteered so far! (thanks to them!)

It takes a lot of volunteers to staff the corners so that we can run a safe and fun event, and keep entry fees reasonable. For those who have driven at past events, it really is a great way to round out your performance driving skills by seeing the event from the “other” side and to see how others improve on track throughout the day. And for others, it is a way to get out and do something different while enjoying the Colorado outdoors. Or perhaps you have relatives, neighbors, co-workers or friends who would like to share in your experience. And for this two-day event, I already have a few volunteers who are driving the other day – a great way to round out the weekend!

No experience is necessary to work corners. We have pre-reading material, do training at the track prior to going out to the corners, and I’m usually able to pair newbies up with more experienced people or with people they request. Volunteers will be in constant radio contact with the Control person, and do not have to respond to accidents – they are rare, and we have a safety truck and ambulance for that. Those who volunteer early get their choice of corners. We provide lunch and complimentary dinner on Saturday night, and, for people who drive out just to volunteer, we can help with a gas allowance.

I’d appreciate hearing from anybody who is interested in volunteering as soon as possible. I don’t mind you changing your mind prior to the event as long as I’m told beforehand, so please volunteer today! Just fire me an email and I’ll get you signed up.

Bruce Leggett
RMC BMW CCA DS Chief of Safety
[email protected]
cell 303-917-7791