Changes To The Driving School – A Letter From The Elected Committee

Dear RMC BMW CCA Members:

We sent out communication this past Friday which included among other things, news of Andrew Jordan no longer continuing his role as driving school chair. Since then, there has been discussion on social media and other circles that brings to light failure on our part to communicate clear reasoning behind our decision.

Please understand we are a volunteer organization for a car club, and are imperfect.

We do the best we can with the resources and information available, and make decisions we feel are in the best interest of our membership. Unfortunately, difficult decisions sometimes have to be made and that responsibility and ownership falls on the shoulders of the few of us appointed as volunteers on the elected committee (EC).

We would like to take this opportunity to provide an official statement to circumvent any speculation and rumors that may be circulating.

To begin, we extend our sincere apology for not being more direct about the nature of Andrew Jordan’s dismissal. Our decision to use the language of him, “…leaving his role…” rather than being “removed by the board” was to provide respect in not sharing the personal nature and sensitive details of this change to the clubs’ operations. We understand that it may have been perceived as us being overly vague. Please understand our intention was to grant Andrew a respectful departure from his role and allow him to continue in other capacities.

It simply comes down to this: the RMC BMW CCA board and elected committee will not tolerate anyone who demonstrates disrespect, hostile demeanor, the propensity to incite unfounded arguments toward other volunteers, and unwillingness to engage in conversation about ongoing club operations, as it relates to the evolving future needs of our programs and membership.

Please understand Andrew’s removal was not a rash or quick decision- we have documented discussions with him where we have attempted to resolve these issues for over a year and a half. He was given the opportunity to either step down as driving school chair and focus on mentoring new driving school volunteers, or be removed by the elected committee.

We understand this may be a divisive decision, and we respect the needs and choices of our members to continue growing with us in the upcoming years, or leaving as a result.

We understand this will be a difficult transition for some, but please know that we have made this decision in the best interest for the future of the club.

As members, you have the ability to influence change and the direction of the club by volunteering your time to lead initiatives, running for an elected position (both president and vice president are open at the end of 2019), bringing in fresh perspectives, and working alongside those volunteers who have been dedicating their time to this organization for years.


The EC has appointed Eugene Yen, the RMC Driving Events Coordinator, as interim driving school committee chair and to oversee the transition of this change for 2019.

Each driving school committee member has been contacted and we will continue to reach out to those who we have not yet connected with this week. Much of the actual planning and school experience is done by the Driving School committee, so we will reach out again to each committee member to inquire about how much engagement that they would like to have in future schools and will respect whatever decision they choose.

The conversation between the committee, board and our membership is essential for any event to be successful. Those conversations need to be ongoing, respectful, productive and open to members who would like to provide input or feedback. Everyone comes with a different set of values and experiences. It takes ‘pieces and parts’ from our long-time members, our newest members, and even members who are not interested in the track driving aspect of the club to achieve success.

We hold meetings every month via conference call, and in-person meetings every quarter, both of which are open to the public to attend.

Join us, challenge us, and help shape the club you want to be a part of. We welcome your help and hope to see you soon.

RMC BMW CCA Elected Committee Members
Janet Kiyota, Fox Chung, Karen Lange, Matt Johnson, and Michael Feldpusch

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