Like most members, I had never paid much attention to the annual BMW CCA Foundation’s Car of Your Dreams fundraising event. In the past, I’ve always looked through the mailer and thought, wow someone is going to win a nice car and promptly tossed the information in the trash. This year was different.

Some background: The 2018 season was our first full year commitment to the programs offered by the Rocky Mountain Chapter. Will, my youngest, was starting to drive and showed interest in competing. I made the decision to expose Will to as many autocross and track days as possible and see where it would lead us. Starting with the Autocross School in April and the subsequent first event, Will won his first event by taking his class by six-tenths. Yes, he out-drove me and I couldn’t be more proud. During the entire season, everyone within the RMC community was extremely positive and supportive. To say the 2018 season was a success is probably an understatement.

Some of you may know that Will is heading east to attend college this fall. The master plan has Will taking the 228i with him, leaving me with a need to find a replacement. During my search for a dual purpose car, the M2C always came to the top of list – my dream car. A Hockenheim silver, 6MT, Executive Package, no roof was my build. In the spring, BMW NA had yet to announce allocations. So, I went ahead and put my name on the “list” and made a deposit with the folks at Winslow with the hopes an allocation would come through sometime late 2018 or early/mid 2019. As 2018 progressed, it became clear allocations were scarce and with all the “chatter” I began to wonder if this was going to happen. In early October, I received a call from my contact with Winslow stating that the person who secured the first allocation had to withdraw and wanted to know if I would be interested in taking it over. The catch was that production had started and the build was Long Beach Blue, 6MT, Executive Package, no roof, and expected delivery would be in December. I had to think about it. The next day I declined with faith my allocation would come through in 2019. Little did I know what the future held.

Back to the raffle: In June, I received the Foundation’s flyer and read through it. For some reason reading that this event is the major fundraiser for them, I felt it was time to give back. I had some extra money in the monthly budget and purchased ten tickets with no expectations outside of the joy of giving back. I remember having the thought that winning a Shell gas card would be cool, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would win a car. From that moment on, the thought of the raffle did not cross my mind until the evening of October 27th.

On Saturday, October 27th, Julie and I were watching a college football game. When the game was over, I was checking emails and one from Michelle Maldonado from BMW CCA caught my eye. It was rather cryptic, “Jim, I need to talk to you about raffle ticket 201807060189. Is it ok to call you?” With my interest piqued, I replied yes and provided my number. I told Julie and both my boys about it. My oldest, Jack, started looking into the raffle and came back stating I won a car. I remember thinking no way. At that time, the video of the raffle wasn’t available.

The following Sunday we monitored BMW CCA’s posting trying to get a feel what that email meant. As the day progressed, BMW CCA posted the winners of the cash prize and all X2s, leaving the M5 and the M2C as the last two vehicles. In my head I’m thinking, “Could it be? Naaa.” At 5:07 p.m., Michelle called and informed me that I won the first prize, the 2019 M2C, and could they go ahead and publish my name. I was speechless; I could not believe what I was hearing. In disbelief, I somehow managed to say yes.

It took some time but on January 2, 2019, I took delivery of a brand-new Sunset Orange M2C, DCT, Executive Package, no roof, and M-Driver’s Package included. This car has exceeded all my expectations. In short, this car is awesome.

So yes, the annual Car of Your Dreams raffle is real. Please join me this year and buy a raffle ticket. Who knows, you could be the winner!

It took a lot of people to make this happen and I need to give special thanks to BMW NA for donating the car, Frank Patek, Lindsey Branston, and Michelle Maldonado with BMW CCA, Gregg Randolph, Grayson Richey, and the entire staff with Winslow BMW, Janet Kiyota with the RMC BMW CCA, and all the members who have reached out with their congratulations and support.

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