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David Jobusch

I disagree with Article V, Section 2 – Board Appointed Positions in that is calls out a fixed list of appointed positions that may or may not be needed in the future. The current 2008 wording gives the EC the flexibility to add/remove roles as they are needed. Such rigid lists require a Bylaw change and vote any time you want that kind of change — and is explicitly why the 2008 wording was left without such a fixed list.

Changing those in appointed positions has been a long challenge for the chapter however, with most of the roles really being “life positions” — and voting positions at that, which brings good and bad.

I think it important that these important voting positions are evaluated annually by the EC to ensure the role and those filling them are in the best interests of the Chapter and its membership, and not continued just out of momentum. Long service to the Chapter and the perspective it brings is a valuable asset. It’s also an effective means to lock out new perspective and volunteers. Ensure that this section of the bylaws gives EC the latitude and motivation to find the right balance.