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    The RMBMWCCA Autocross program is in need of Safety Stewards. There is a critical shortage of Safety Stewards, and our events cannot take place without sufficient Safety Steward coverage. If you’ve been autocrossing with us for at least two seasons, you are eligible to become Safety steward. The Safety Stewards’ job is to ensure our events are conducted as safely as possible, and addresses such areas as safe course design, participant conduct and “crowd control.”

    Safety stewards are required to attend a training. The training session lasts approximately two hours, and isi usually held in conjunction with lunch or dinner at a dining establishment.

    If you are willing to volunteer to help keep our events safe, post here, AND ALSO EMAIL ME at [email protected]. I need your e-mail so that I can forward training materials to you in advance of the training session. I’m hoping to conduct training, sometime in the two weeks before the autocross school, and will take suggestions for a meeting place (restaurant or sports bar) with a separate enclosed room, in the north Denver area.



    I’m interested. Sent you an email.


    David Jobusch

    Thanks for pulling this together Arnie — looking forward to the training tomorrow night!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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