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    I am looking for a BMW mechanic/shop in Colorado Springs who know about E30s. Everyone I have called, thus far, doesn’t seem to know a lot about E30s (or has little experience working on them). I am looking for someone who is knowledgeable on E30s and can give me the proper recommendations for the car. If anyone knows of such a place please let me know, it would be much appreciated.


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    I am not sure what is down in Colorado springs, but if you are looking for E30 experts. I would call BimmerHaus or AutoSportWerks, both located in Broomfield. They can at least steer you into a direction and perhaps know of a Colorado Springs mechanic with knowledge on E30s.
    Are you looking to upgrade or repair/replace stock parts?

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    Thanks for the information…I talked with both on the phone, but probably need to go in and do so in person. I am looking at replacing stock parts along with adjusting the valves. Might need to try and take that one on myself. Thanks again for the information.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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