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    Attention Chapter members

    Its been nearly 8 years since our chapter bylaws have been updated. In that time, the chapter has evolved with additional non-elected board positions, new technology, new responsibilities and some changes to older items that no longer apply. The document was updated by the current board, and now is open to our members for comment. Prior to it going in effect at the start of 2016.

    The new document can be found here:

    The previous document, dated 2007, is found here:

    We will have the month of september, to receive any member comment to the new Bylaws. You can either post, in this thread, or if you feel a private email is needed. You can always send comments to [email protected]. After the month grace period, any changes or updates to the document (based on responses and board discussion) will be made then republished. During the month of October, there will be an online vote to approve the new Chapter Bylaws moving forward.

    The Rocky Mountain Chapter BMW Club is working hard to ensure the member experience is nothing but the best. Putting on great events, that keeps everyone one of you happy to be a part of a great car family.



    I know it doesn’t happen often that we have more than 2 choices for an elected position (or ballot issue), but for those instances an instant runoff vote would be preferable. I will certainly volunteer to help institute this change. For more info see or to be totally overloaded with info see
    Whether IRV can be incorporated or not, I must say that I really appreciate the work of our club officials and board, working on bylaws as well as putting on great events!


    David Jobusch

    What is a summary of the difference between the two documents?


    David Jobusch

    The first change I see is Article IV (Officers and Duties) regarding term limits, with the change being that for an elected officer who has reached their term limit, “the board” can approve for that officer to continue their term. Questions:
    1) Who is “the board” ? Is this the “Board of Directors” defined in Article V?
    2) What is the limit on the number of times “the board” can approve to extend the term? I think there should be a definite limit to this, as the spirit of term limits includes working to ensure new voices are brought into those roles. It shouldn’t be open-ended, and I suggest a limit of 1 term extension.


    David Jobusch

    Section 2, item (c) is duplicated (editing error)


    David Jobusch

    The modification to the treasurer roles, item (c), is a good one requiring a second signature, but the amended bylaws refers to the co-signer being “any other members of the elected committee”. That should read “the Executive Committee”; there is no “elected committee” defined in the bylaws.


    David Jobusch

    Treasurer item (f):
    1) Aren’t IRS tax forms due April 15th, not May 15th?
    2) Wording: “… for filing with the IRS on or before May 15th of each following calendar year” (sic)
    3) “Such forms” — which forms? All the forms filed with the IRS?


    David Jobusch

    Treasurer deleted items (j) through (n) — are these actions no longer required, or are they being handled by a different role? Invoices for our newsletter advertisers seems like an important activity to continue.


    David Jobusch

    Article V – Board of Directors, fourth paragraph regarding voting. This section was changed in 2008 as a reaction to a vote regarding RMC BMW CCA’s participation in the CAMA HPR project — specifically, dealing with EC or board members that weren’t present at the vote. “Present” has been added back to the 2015 bylaws update, reverting back to the pre-2008 wording.

    I bring this up, because this was a huge point of contention for some on the Board of Directors that disagreed with how the CAMA/HPR vote went. To be clear, I AGREE with the change that votes should be counted by those present at the meeting, and not proxied or challenged after the vote.


    David Jobusch

    I disagree with Article V, Section 2 – Board Appointed Positions in that is calls out a fixed list of appointed positions that may or may not be needed in the future. The current 2008 wording gives the EC the flexibility to add/remove roles as they are needed. Such rigid lists require a Bylaw change and vote any time you want that kind of change — and is explicitly why the 2008 wording was left without such a fixed list.

    Changing those in appointed positions has been a long challenge for the chapter however, with most of the roles really being “life positions” — and voting positions at that, which brings good and bad.

    I think it important that these important voting positions are evaluated annually by the EC to ensure the role and those filling them are in the best interests of the Chapter and its membership, and not continued just out of momentum. Long service to the Chapter and the perspective it brings is a valuable asset. It’s also an effective means to lock out new perspective and volunteers. Ensure that this section of the bylaws gives EC the latitude and motivation to find the right balance.


    David Jobusch

    Article V, Section 3. Item 6: wording: “The Board of Directors may direct an audit (of) the Chapter’s finances” (sic)
    This is wrong in the 2008 version as well.


    David Jobusch

    Article VIII Section I — Business Meetings
    I don’t recall seeing the business meetings time and place being published in our current newsletter. With the newsletter being quarterly instead of monthly, this requires multiple meeting dates to be published at a time. I recommend changing this item to require that business meeting announcements are sent to members via club email (constant contact) or the club website, which can be done (and corrected) as needed, as opposed to tying it to newsletter publication.


    David Jobusch

    Per Article V (Board of Directors) “Board Appointed Positions” are enumerated in section 2 (and defined in a later section), and declared voting members of the Board of Directors in Section 1. Is it still the desired intent that all “Board Appointed Positions” carry a vote at BoD business meetings?

    As the current appointed dealership liason for Co’s BMW in Loveland, should I be attending the business meetings?



    IRS information returns can be due January 31th, March 15th, April 15th, May 15th and later (with extensions).

    For the Club, the main information return is Form 990-T. From the IRS 2014 Form 990-T instructions:

    “When To File
    An employees’ trust defined in section
    401(a), an IRA (including SEPs and
    SIMPLEs), a Roth IRA, a Coverdell ESA,
    or an Archer MSA must file Form 990-T by
    the 15th day of the 4th month after the end
    of its tax year. All other organizations must
    file Form 990-T by the 15th day of the 5th
    month after the end of their tax years. If
    the regular due date falls on a Saturday,
    Sunday, or legal holiday, file no later than
    the next business day.”

    In other words, May 15th.




    First, kudos to Michael Feldpusch and the Board for getting this updated! BIG job – will make the club even better! Here area couple of questions:

    1) Are references to EC an abbreviation for “Executive Committee” or “Elected Committee”? Maybe a notation of Elected Committee after the first use on Page 6: hereby know hereafter as EC Should it be Executive Committee?
    2) Should an appointed ombudsman (general active member) or a rotation of the chairmen (different every year) be added to the EC to break ties?
    3) Page 9, #4, Section 2: Is there only 1 dealer liaison? If different people are assigned to cover each dealership, need to add (s) to liaison.
    4) What is the limit on non-elected positions being held by 1 person?
    5) Can an individual who wins an elected position also hold a non-elected chairperson position?
    6) Any changes if a person is elected to a National office position? (ie – must resign at local level?)

    Thanks again for all the work on this! It is appreciated Janet K

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