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    First, kudos to Michael Feldpusch and the Board for getting this updated! BIG job – will make the club even better! Here area couple of questions:

    1) Are references to EC an abbreviation for “Executive Committee” or “Elected Committee”? Maybe a notation of Elected Committee after the first use on Page 6: hereby know hereafter as EC Should it be Executive Committee?
    2) Should an appointed ombudsman (general active member) or a rotation of the chairmen (different every year) be added to the EC to break ties?
    3) Page 9, #4, Section 2: Is there only 1 dealer liaison? If different people are assigned to cover each dealership, need to add (s) to liaison.
    4) What is the limit on non-elected positions being held by 1 person?
    5) Can an individual who wins an elected position also hold a non-elected chairperson position?
    6) Any changes if a person is elected to a National office position? (ie – must resign at local level?)

    Thanks again for all the work on this! It is appreciated Janet K

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)