Members are why we as an organization exist. It’s my belief that we’re here for our Club members, and every decision we make as a board should support that.

I first learned of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of BMW through a friend. But what inspired me to join and remain a member for the past 12 years was the camaraderie, passion, friendships, and sheer fun I experienced with those around me. It’s this same feeling that has moved me to seek re-election as Vice President.

Early on I participated in Club events such as driving schools, burger nights, and autocrosses. The latter is where I got hooked- it was like nothing I had experienced before! Legally racing around a parking lot- are you kidding?!

I was amazed to learn these events were put on by volunteers who sacrificed countless hours to plan, organize, and carry them out for a community of automobile enthusiasts.

My desire to become more involved in the Club grew. I no longer wanted to simply be a consumer, but rather I wanted to be a contributor and give back to an organization that had provided me with an outlet to share my passion for cars and helped me foster meaningful friendships, all while allowing me to partake in motorsports.

Those who know me understand I’m a car enthusiast to the bone- from restoring and racing an old E28, to building a Vegas show car with my friends, and competing in the World Racing League.

I first joined the board as Secretary in 2011, and since then I’ve volunteered throughout the Club in multiple capacities: serving as the Chief of Tech, instructing at driving schools, and designing our brand materials including this quarterly Motorsport Report magazine you’re reading now.

The leadership I’ve strived to bring focuses on the Club as a whole, being present, engaging other board members, listening to membership needs, and surrounding myself with people who are dedicated to elevating the quality of our events. I’m grateful to be a part of a team that keeps the needs of our Club front of mind, and strives to make decisions in the best interest of its members.

Having started with previous presidents and now with Janet Kiyota’s continued leadership, the board has embraced new ideas and ways to fulfill the needs and operations of the Club. These have included improving our book-keeping processes, striving to operate the Club in support of our mission statement, implementing procedures to shield the Club from unnecessary liabilities, developing marketing programs to incentivize and reward volunteers, increasing the number of social events, partnering with local businesses and reconnecting with dealerships, engaging with those who want to be more involved, and investing in technologies and social media to better communicate with our members.

Long gone is the mentality of ‘doing things the way they’ve always been done.’ We should always strive to challenge ourselves to improve and question the status quo.

The cars we love and the technology we use are all progressing, and so should we as a Club.

I hope my contributions over the past several years have demonstrated this forward mindset, both as a member of your board and as a dedicated volunteer within our car community. Thank you for your consideration in electing me as your Vice President.

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