Last Autocross of the season!

The Rocky Mountain BMW CCA summer autocross season will be wrapping up at Front Range Airport this weekend. Be sure to register HERE before 6pm Wednesday to get one last go at cone dodging before the winter chill sets in!

Are you fighting for season standings? Some classes are tight with only a few points separating members.
-BDS: Robert Critchley is only 11 points behind Tad. Tad has a pretty safe buffer, but Robert could swing for the grandstands in the last event and upset Tads season long top spot!
-BCS: Caleb and Karl both only have 3 events this season, a presence this weekend could bring them within range of the lead.
-X: Mark Bear has a pretty solid 26 point lead over David Jobusch at first glance… But Robert Thorne, currently in 12th, has 3 consecutive 1000 point days in his arsenal. One more FTD for the monster S2000 and he’ll jump to 1st like Jenson Button at the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix (ok not really, but that comeback is worth a google).


Hopefully overheating tires are not a problem with a nice 75° projected high for Saturday!

If you sweltered down in Pueblo at PPIR, fear not! The heat of July and August will be gone with 70’s all week and a delightful 75° on Saturday. A sweatshirt in the morning might be handy as Western Kansas can be a bit chilly.

See you in the slalom!