** Open Position: Driving School Chair

The Rocky Mountain Chapter is looking for someone to take over the Driving School Chair position after our Spring Driving School this year.

If you are interested in this position, Let Gary Bohn know and we can talk about the position.

Driving School Chair- BMW CCA chapter driving-school committees should have a named designee who has overall responsibility for the driving school. He or she should be knowledgeable of the BMW CCA Driving Events Minimum Standards and be willing to uphold them, possess good managerial and communication skills, and be proactive, putting safety and the students’ best interests first. Examples of the event leader’s duties include:
• Upholding and enforcing the BMW CCA Driving Events Operations Manual and its philosophy
• Instilling a positive learning environment that is effective, safe, and enjoyable
• Assuring that liability insurance has been procured
• Appointing a Chief Instructor (CI—see job description below)
• Working closely with the CI and overseeing the CI team
• Coordinating flag procedures, safety measures, ambulance procedures, and the Crisis Response Plan
• Coordinating with the CI to promptly and correctly use the Incident Report form and forwarding it to the National Office per procedure, monitoring these duties, and coordinating them with the CI.
• Ensuring that the student meeting prior to on-track and classroom instruction is led by a person who has knowledge of the above and will relate pertinent safety and procedural information to the students.


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