Rising before the sun on a weekend morning to greet people with a smile, handing out waivers to sign and wristbands to wear. Attending to registrants by helping them navigate to their assigned grids, handing out course maps, double-checking work assignments, graciously providing numbers, letters, and painter’s tape, as well as answering any and all questions related to the day’s events.

Organizing the grid area for safety while efficiently moving cars on and off the course so that
the maximum number of runs can be had for the day. Loading, hauling, unloading, and storing
a 30-plus-foot trailer that holds the extraordinary amount of equipment that is needed to run a
successful event.

As retiring and incoming Autocross Chiefs, the Rocky Mountain Chapter BMW CCA would like to extend our most heartfelt and sincere gratitude for your time and willingness to volunteer so that we are able to run a safe, fun, and successful autocross season.

Retiring Autocross Chiefs:

  • Geoff Kampe, Chief of Waivers
  • John Coleman, Chief of Grid
  • Karen Lange, Chief (Goddess) of Registration
  • ric Van der Heide, Chief of Equipment

New Chiefs:

  • Tamara Haynes, Chief of Registration
  • David Walz, Chief of Equipment
  • Mark Turner, Chief of Grid

It also should be said that the RMC BMW CCA deeply appreciates all of our volunteers and members! Whether it be drifting through turns out on the track, gliding over an ice-covered lake, winding through the mountains on a drive, or meeting up at a local burger joint, without all of your expertise, time, and behind-the-scenes efforts, these events simply couldn’t happen. Thank you all for your continued support of the club!

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