The annual RMC BMW CCA annual Ice Gymkhana event in Georgetown has become a staple for many in the club to exercise their winter driving prowess, and the 2021 event was no exception.

With an expanded participant list, thanks to securing a second day of driving on the lake, more got to experience the wintery conditions, bragging rights and skills learned, than ever before. Each day opened at the lake, with the usual meetup spot The Alpine preparing breakfast burritos, and an unprecedented visual course instruction from the shoreline thanks to gracious volunteers Grant and Carol.

The morning sessions started with practice. Drivers navigated the course, vying to find any traction available on the wind blasted sporadically snow patched lake surface. All-wheel, rear wheel, and front wheel drive cars alike struggled to maximize the few pockets of adhesion and keep their vehicle pointed in the right direction.

Driving quickly on the ice, speed is found in smoothness, and a trained eye to find grip is not always on the racing line. As the afternoon timed sessions began, drivers quickly found the welcomed rays of the sun had melted the top layer of ice, creating an even more slippery and dynamic surface. With each timed run, participants were eager to find where they stack-ranked against the others in their class – and some were green with envy as they found the reality of the fast times that studded all-wheel drive machines were capable of

Amid all of the sliding and smiles, the weather was favorable both days, with sporadic blue sky, sunshine, and some serious wind gusts (supposedly up to 75mph on the lake). While this year’s event was different with virus avoidance protocols, it was hard not to notice the familiar glow of participants faces as they exited the lake. It turns out you can see smiles, even when they are hidden by a mask!

This spectacular event couldn’t happen without our volunteers – thank you to Grant, Carol, Fred, Gary, Tamara, Tim, Tom, Ted, and Paul!!!! A huge shoutout to Aaron from Rogue Imperial, who braved hypothermia, frostbite, and likely broken bones to get some excellent photos of vehicles in action:

We look forward to seeing familiar and new faces at the 2022 event!
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