Summer Event #2 results

Event 2 at PPIR was a welcome change from the cold wind of event #1! Chris Mayfield designed a fast course that flowed nicely when driven briskly, but got super technical when wheeled just faster than you’re comfortable. Many of the students from the previous days auto-x school were able to put their training to good use in both the increasing radius sweepers and offset distance slaloms that kept your rhythm guessing!


Mark Baer piloted his E36 M3 to the fasted time of the day

David Jobusch’s morning track walk gave great insight into the track layout. A few corners could have been tricky if driven “cone to cone” but as David pointed out, a nice constant radius turn can change the set of cones that don’t line up just right into a nice smooth arc.


Dan Barbattini flies through the last corner

Bryce Kliewer beat out ALL OF THE M3’s in BAS using his 2003 330i, besting Eugene Yen in his well prepped 1995 M3 by over a second. Peter Williams did a great job shaving time off of his runs, dropping about a second per lap and finishing in 3rd place.


Bryce Kliewer’s 330i is fast. Fast sedans are cool

Kris Lee and his tripod MINI JCW dominated BBS all day; in fact he was almost a ½ second faster than the winner of class above him! James Dawkins in his 1M took second place from Mario Ricci as he got faster and faster each run. If James had 3 extra runs he might have been able to close the gap on Kris!


Tad Kaminski entering the difficult increasing distance “wall’am.”

By far the largest and most diverse class of the day was BDS with 16 motorist driving 8 different chassis. Robert Critchley squeezed out a victory over Tad Kaminski by just 2 hundredths of a second! The top 5 drivers of BDS were within a ½ second of 1st for a very competitive class. The Clary clan gets the award for most drivers with the same last name, while Hallie and Victor Kupfer battled it out in Vic’s euro 3.8L M5. Hallie edged out her dad by a tenth of a second; did he let her win, or did she out wheel her dad? Hmm…


Robert Critchley’s 325is navigates the Wallam while Sputnik the water tower looks on

Kim Kliewer took the class win in the Ladies Class in her seriously fast 2003 330i. Melanie Pora in her DSP prepared 325is was just a tenth off Kim’s time and Karen Lange rounded out the top 3 in her Daytona Violet M3.


David Clary’s 540i/6 sounds like a Hawker Sea Fury at takeoff

In the Non BMW class, Ryan Schossow beat out Tyler Jago in a battle of the Japanese AWD turbo monsters. Rick Black and Vicki Kording co-drove their Noble M12 that looked like a quite a handful.


Rick Black’s Noble attacks the last straight before the final sweeper

Mark Baer is 2 for 2 in X class wins in his 1997 M3. Mark also took the fastest raw time of the day & the top PAX time. Fast!

Baer winner

Mark Baer in his lucky socks collects his winnings

Michael Feldpusch and Tom Pora, both in DSP prepared 325is battled for 2nd all afternoon, with Michael taking 2nd in X class by a quarter second!


Tom Pora’s DSP prepared 325is has so much grip that only 3 wheels are necessary

Chris Mayfield came in an unusual last; driving his new S54 powered 325is that he finished putting together early the morning of. His runs looked more like a jet boat without a rudder than a race car on gummy Hoosiers!


Chris Mayfield drifts into the timing lights

The race tire class was fairly small with only 3 cars entered. Brad Kettler took the class win in his 1998 M3. Cory Rowan came in second also driving a E36 M3, and Geoff Kampe was close behind in 3rd


Brad Kettler’s E36 M3 blasts through the timing lights

Quite a few cars have go-pro’s suctioned all over them; if you have uploaded some of your runs, please post a link to your video in the comments section!


James Dawkins BMW 1M looks like a lot of fun at the limit

See you in June!