Summer Event #3 results

Rocky Mountain BMW CCA summer autocross #3 was a huge hit with 74 participants and a great course that was both fast and technical. With 3 different type of slaloms, getting a good rhythm was difficult and an easy way to lose precious time.


David Jobusch explains the technicalities of the last slalom in the morning novice course walk

The morning started with Fox Chung tech inspecting every car, David Jobusch giving great insight during the morning course walk, and Michael Feldpusch giving the drivers meeting. Soon after, the first cars were off for the morning practice runs!


Micheal Feldpusch hosts the morning driving meeting


Ryan Murphy recently upgraded to a newer M3 and spent the afternoon testing out the increased power-band

This event had a huge ladies class with 10 Participants including a few first timers! Karen Lange and Kim Kliewer had a close race for 2nd place; the two have been dueling all season and will be fun to watch for the rest of the year. However, they were no match for Jessica Feldpusch who was over a second faster than 2nd place. So fast in fact, she beat her husband who co-drove their mighty 325 by three thousandths of a second!


Current three-time Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel began go-karting at the age of 3. Baby Feldpusch (inside the pink shirt) began beating daddy at 3 months in the oven!

BMW D Stock, as always, drew a large & diverse group of competitors. Tad Kaminski worked hard, but was unable to unseat Robert Critchley from 1st place. These two are always close competitors, and both are super smooth drivers. Erick Van Der Heide snatched 3rd, and also took home bragging rights by beating his dad by over a second.


Haille Kupfer exercises “Barney,” her dad’s European spec 1993 M5 with the mighty 3.8L inline-6

The battle of 1988 ///M cars continued in BMW C stock. Unfortunately, the M3 co-driven by Caleb Levonas and Karl Parsons ran out of gear in the fast course, and Eric Long’s M5 had the legs to edge out the little 4-banger. A tighter course would have probably swapped the outcome.


Caleb Levonas makes the mighty E30 M3 dance

Kris Lee’s dominance of BBS continued with his JCW MINI destroying the rest of the field. With his little MINI hardly keeping a rear wheel on the ground, this driver/car combo is always potent. David Duecker brought his lovely 2011 Z4 3.5is and gave the Sunday cruiser quite a workout landing in 2nd place. Christopher Dawkins rounded out 3rd, co-driving the JCW MINI. BBS has many fast drivers that are great to watch while out on course.


James Dawkins in his Valencia Orange 2011 BMW 1M

BMW A Stock should be renamed M3 class, as 9 out of 10 participants ran the top 3 series. However, the class winner, Bryce Kliewer proves two events in a row that you don’t need the ///Motorsports tweaks (or ///Marketing for cars built after 1991) to go fast. Really fast. Bryce’s 2003 330i sedan edged out Shane Kurowski, the Fastest of the M3’s, by just a tenth of a second. Brett Kurowski nabbed 3rd and Eugene Yen, 4th. The top 4 drivers were within a second of each other, making this a hotly contested class!


Quintin Golay drives the 2nd Generation M Coupe. Apex Arc-8 rims look great on this curvy chassis

The top BMW class, X-Class, had a very close competition between David Jobusch and Lee Michael in the red 1993 325is. David used his slalom skills to his advantage and grabbed the win by almost a 1/2 second, and also had the fastest time of the day. Mark Baer placed 3rd, and James Darden 4th in his lime green 2002 roundie.


James Dardens 2002 is bright, loud, and fast. Cool


Mike Faucett & Kevin Aiken drove this frankenstein 328i in X class. It’s wing is nutty, and the car sounds like thunder

Our next event is quickly approaching at Pikes Peak International Raceway on July 6th. Strategically placed one sober sleep after the 4th of July; this should be a great event as PPIR is a huge lot allowing course designer Chris Mayfield lots of room to challenge us drivers. To register, Click here.


Old MINI’s are Awesome. Bob Dixon’s 1979 Austin MINI is super cool!

Just like barnacles on a ship’s hull, nearly every car has a go-pro suctioned onto it in some way. I’ve you’ve uploaded a video from the event, please share it in the comment section below! Here are two runs in my old E28 M5, what do you think of view through the sunroof Karen?

After the first two events, I was asked dozens of times if I uploaded all the pictures I took of the event somewhere. Luckily sometime between event #2 and #3, Flickr announced a free 1TB of storage for photo’s! So follow this link for a large amount of pictures from event #3!

Tons of event #3 pics!

Download/link/share as you please, I took these photo’s for our club members to enjoy! Also, I took about 1600 total, so if you want to see more of your car (I choose the ones I thought looked the best) just leave a comment with the car # and a good way to contact you.


2002 owners…

Have a fun & safe 4th of July, hope to see you at the next event!