On September 4th, a few RMC BMW CCA members and I left for Vail. The rest of the 18 members showed up on Thursday, Friday, and some on Saturday. On Thursday we had about 80 cars take some backroads to Steamboat Springs for a picnic lunch. We came back over Rabbit Ears Pass and Gore Pass to Walcott and then to Vail. They were roads that I have not ever been on, lots of turns and scenery. We broke into three groups. Six McLarens and a couple other cars were in the “ticket-able” group (their words). I was in the middle group and then the 1930s and ‘40s cars were in the slow group. On Friday, just the BMW club went to Leadville on Hwy 24. We had pizza at Leadville then headed off to Copper Mountain for ice cream. Then it was off to Vail. Sunday was the big show with about 90 cars. Because BMW was the marque for this year, we got the grass under the gondola and all 18 BMWs were together. We shared that area with some of the more notable cars such as Packard, Rolls Royce, McLaren, and a few others.

The rest of the cars were in the streets in Vail. We had a big variety of BMWs. Here’s a list of our participants and their cars:

All of us had a great time at the car show. My favorite non-BMW was a McLaren Sienna which is a $950,000 car with 760 horsepower.

It was my longest drive with my i8. I got two free charges, thanks to the city of Vail. Over 512 miles I averaged 42 mpg. I got a few inquires and most people thought it was all electric.

What a change from my ‘93 850. Sorry it is gone but not a bad replacement to move up to 25 years in technology.

Next year the show will be September 11-13, 2020. We had the most of any brand but we can do better than 18. Let’s get 30 cars! See you there.

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